Bed Border

Do your garden beds and planted areas look uneven or unkempt? Our professional bed border installation and maintenance services from Home Up and Pools give your beds a clean, finished look that elevates your entire landscape. Defining the edges of your planting beds with durable borders serves many important functions beyond aesthetics.

First, a sturdy border prevents encroachment of grass or weeds into your garden beds over time. Without an edge, lawn and undesirable plants slowly creep inward, reducing the usable space for your landscape plants. Our expertly installed borders keep everything neatly contained in its designated area.

Borders also allow your landscape team to safely trim grass right up to the edge of planting beds without damaging valuable plants and shrubs. Mowers, trimmers and edgers can do their work without risk of harming your carefully selected vegetation.

Additionally, borders permit elevation changes between beds and lawn. Raised beds with defined edges help manage drainage and prevent puddling. We construct attractive borders from brick, stone, concrete, treated lumber and stainless steel to integrate seamlessly with surrounding hardscapes. Color, height and material are customized for your unique space.

Proper installation is key to prevent borders from shifting or leaning over time. Our skilled crews prepare a solid base and carefully lay materials to create a durable, level edge. We recommend sufficient in-ground depth and proper maintenance to achieve lasting quality and beauty.

Borders also make maintaining your beds easier by containing mulch and preventing it from spilling into your lawn. During regular maintenance, your Account Manager will neatly re-apply mulch and trim any encroaching grass or ground cover behind the clean border edges. Overall, defined borders enhance the longevity of your landscape investment.

New bed edging installation can revive and enhance existing beds or create fresh planting areas with lush possibilities. The crisp, intentional definition elevates your entire landscape’s aesthetics. Homes with foundation plantings, parking islands, focal point beds and more will benefit greatly from borders that showcase and accentuate the plantings.

Contact Home Up and Pools today at 555-123-4567 to schedule a consultation with one of our Account Managers. We will evaluate your existing beds and suggest border solutions to complement your landscape design, both functionally and visually. Bring order and artistry to your garden beds with new borders installed by our experienced crews.

Ongoing bed border maintenance from Home Up and Pools keeps your landscape looking pristine. Proper edging helps restrain plant growth within beds and prohibits encroachment from surrounding lawn and groundcovers. We carefully trim and edge around borders to promote plant health and maintain a crisp, clean landscape.

Seasonal freeze and thaw cycles can cause poorly installed borders to buckle and lean over time. Our maintenance visits include checking for levelness and stability. We will re-secure and straighten borders as needed to keep your beds looking their best.

Let Home Up and Pools provide the ongoing border maintenance your landscape deserves. Our regular upkeep prevents expensive repairs down the road by addressing minor issues before they worsen. Your beds will maintain their beautiful form and function season after season, protecting your investment.

Contact us today to add expert bed border maintenance to your customized landscape care package.

Our comprehensive services and proactive solutions keep your outdoor space thriving and your borders looking sharp. Choose Home Up and Pools for all your bed edging installation, repairs and upkeep needs in Houston!