Drainage & Irrigation

A beautifully designed landscape requires careful attention to drainage and irrigation to thrive. At Home Up and Pools, we understand the key role proper water management plays in creating a lush, vibrant yard. Our drainage and irrigation services focus on efficiently delivering the right amount of water to your plants while preventing issues like flooding, erosion, runoff, and rot.

In Houston’s humid, subtropical climate, carefully engineered drainage keeps landscapes from becoming waterlogged during our intense rains. Proper grading ensures water flows away from buildings and is channeled to appropriate collection points. French drains, catch basins, swales, dry creek beds, and sump pumps can divert excess water as part of an integrated plan.

We may recommend re-grading low areas prone to standing water. Raising elevation and contouring the landscape helps prevent puddling. If sediment buildup is blocking drainage, we can add topsoil and revise grades to restore flow. By expertly handling drainage, we promote healthier plant growth and prevent foundation issues.

Efficient irrigation delivers supplemental water straight to plant root zones. We design and install customized systems using the optimal heads and layout for each unique property. Proper irrigation coverage keeps plants hydrated without over-watering or creating dry spots.

Smart controllers allow custom scheduling tailored to each zone’s exposure, soil, and vegetation. Drip irrigation, micro-sprays, rotors, misters, and bubblers apply the ideal amount of water for the specific plants in that area. Proper maintenance of the system keeps it functioning optimally for years.

In addition to aesthetic plants, food gardens require ample hydration. We customize irrigation for vegetable and herb beds to promote bountiful harvests. Sensors detect when a zone needs water, preventing fruit and vegetables from being stressed.

How can we help you?

Rely on Home Up and Pools for all your drainage and irrigation needs, from new system design to upgrades, maintenance and repairs. Proper water management is integral to sustaining a healthy, thriving landscape. Contact us today at (832) 695-6373 to discuss options for your property!