Meandering pathways extend your living space and encourage you to fully experience the beauty of your landscape. At Home Up and Pools, we specialize in the design and installation of custom pathways to complement your unique outdoor environment.

Pathways serve practical purposes like guiding movement from your patio to the garden shed or connecting the driveway to the front door. They also provide scenic routes through your yard, allowing you to fully appreciate the plantings, textures, and views. Layouts may be straight or gently curving depending on your preferences.

Material selection is important, as it defines the pathway’s look and function. Classic materials like brick, flagstone and pavers create charming, Old-World appeal. We can achieve a contemporary vibe with polished concrete, epoxy coatings and aggregates like glass or seashells. Gravel and crushed granite offer a natural, rustic aesthetic.

Proper base preparation provides stability and prevents shifting. We excavate and grade the path route, install compacted base material, and fine-tune the finished surface for drainage. The chosen material is artfully laid and finished. With care taken during installation, your pathway will provide lasting beauty and safe footing.

Lighting adds ambience and visibility during evening hours. Subtle low-voltage lights alongside paths create a warm glow. Solar fixtures eliminate wiring. Strategically placed lamp posts illuminate junctions and special features. We incorporate lighting into your custom pathway design.

Walkways made of permeable pavers reduce runoff while allowing water to penetrate to surrounding plants’ roots. This eco-friendly approach manages stormwater responsibly. We can incorporate permeable materials into your pathway for green benefits.
In addition to primary routes, short spur paths off the main trail can guide people to focal points like water features, fire pits or cozy sitting areas. We use variation in materials and width to define the hierarchy of primary and secondary paths.

How can we help you?

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