An inviting patio extends your living space outdoors. At Home Up and Pools, we create custom patios tailored to your home’s architecture, yard features, and how you want to enjoy the space. Patios provide dedicated areas for relaxation, dining, entertaining, play and more.

We collaborate with clients to determine the optimal patio location. Accessibility from the home’s exterior doors, proximity to utilities, sun exposure, views, noise, and drainage are key factors. The size and shape are defined by your needs and available area. Small intimate spaces for two- or expansive-party patios are equally achievable.

Material selection impacts aesthetics and function. Classic pavers, flagstone, and brick offer timeless elegance. Exposed aggregate, stained concrete and stone veneer provide contemporary flair. Permeable options like gravel reduce stormwater runoff. We present design ideas incorporating your preferred materials and styles.

Proper base preparation and installation prevent shifting and settling cracks. We excavate and grade, add layers of compacted base materials, and fine tune the surface. Products are precisely laid in attractive patterns and finished to specifications. Outdoor carpets and rugs add softness and color. Incorporating elements like an arbor, trellis, privacy wall, columns, planters, or water feature provides personality. Lighting extends usage into the evening and adds drama. A fireplace, fire pit, or chiminea provide warmth and atmosphere. We design cohesive, harmonious spaces with these custom touches. For patios that seamlessly connect indoors and out, we collaborate with your contractor to integrate the appropriate flooring materials and elevations. Multi-level patios accommodate changes in grade. Retaining walls, steps, benches, and planters allow attractive terracing. We ensure proper drainage throughout.

How can we help you?

Let our experienced team transform your back or side yard into a comfortable oasis. Contact Home Up and Pools today at (832) 695-6373 to schedule a design consultation. We look forward to creating your ideal custom patio space.