Plants, Trees, Patios, Pathways, Gardens & Water

Your landscape is an extension of your home. Transforming your outdoor environment into a beautiful, functional space is our specialty at Home Up and Pools. For over 15 years, we have helped Houston area homeowners design and build custom landscapes that provide joy, comfort and added value. From plants and trees to patios, pathways and water features, we incorporate a variety of elements to create your unique oasis.

Our experienced team begins by getting to know you, your home and lifestyle. Selecting the right plants and materials tailored for the local climate and your needs delivers an optimal, low maintenance landscape. We help you imagine possibilities and work within your budget to design the ideal outdoor environment.

Planting trees, shrubs, grasses, and flowers is an art and science. Our horticultural expertise informs proper plant selection and placement for aesthetics, privacy, shade, seasonal interest and more. We develop plant palettes with a variety of heights, textures and colors that unify the landscape. Flowers add pops of color while evergreen shrubs and trees provide structure and screening. You’ll enjoy the visual interest and peacefulness of a well-designed platescape.

Hardscaping elements like patios, pathways and walls extend your living space while adding beauty and functionality. Patios crafted with pavers or flagstones create inviting spaces to relax, dine and entertain. Meandering pathways of brick or stone encourage you to fully experience your landscape. Segmental retaining walls and boulders allow for changes in elevation and terracing. Water features from simple birdbaths to cascading falls provide soothing sights and sounds. We construct hardscapes to last with quality materials and conscientious installation.

Gardens should reflect the homeowners’ hobbies and passions. We design and plant lush vegetable and herb gardens for avid cooks, cottage gardens with charming flowers and trellises, sophisticated Japanese gardens, playful butterfly gardens, modern rock gardens and more. Each is customized to match your interests and the site.

Integrating water features enhances landscapes with their tranquil presence. We recommend options from simple recirculating ponds to fountains, streams and cascades based on your property’s attributes and maintenance goals. Strategic placement adds ambience to patios, invites wildlife to drink and helps mask unwanted noise. Lighting extends water features’ visibility and daytime beauty into the evening.

How can we help you?

Our collaborative process leads to outdoor environments that perfectly complement our clients’ homes and lifestyles. Bring your vision to life! Contact Home Up and Pools today at (832) 695-6373 to schedule a design consultation.