Poolside Deck

A thoughtfully designed poolside deck enhances your swimming pool and creates an inviting entertainment space. Home Up and Pools specializes in custom pool decks to complement your unique pool, yard, lifestyle and aesthetics.

Properly constructed pool decks provide safe, comfortable lounging and traffic areas around both in-ground and above-ground pools. Decks allow swim access without scraping feet on rough surfaces or tracking dirt into the pool. Well-planned layouts incorporate ideal sunbathing spots, seating, tables, and play areas.

We collaborate with pool contractors to seamlessly integrate the decking with pool copings and finishes. Multi-level pool decks can gracefully manage significant grade changes. Steps, low retaining walls, planters and benches allow attractive, functional elevation transitions.

Appropriate deck materials must provide slip resistance, especially when wet. Our pool decks utilize textured pavers or broom-finished concrete to prevent slips. Proper drainage via gentle sloping prevents standing water hazards. We incorporate drains and trenches as needed per code.

Lighting adds ambience and enhances safety during night dips. Low-voltage lights along the deck perimeter, steps, handrails, and focal points provide illumination while minimizing glare on the water surface. Landscape lighting casts a lovely glow.

We design pool decks to match each client’s wish list. Sunken conversation pits, fire bowls, water features, cabanas, built-in seating, and umbrellas personalize the space. Durable outdoor furnishings and accessories complete the area for entertainment.

Proper base preparation and construction prevents shifting, settling and cracks. We excavate and add compacted aggregate, then carefully install the decking material to specifications. With quality materials and conscientious installation, your pool deck will provide lasting function and beauty.

How can we help you?

Make a splash this summer with a new poolside oasis! Contact Home Up and Pools at (832) 695-6373 to schedule your design consultation and start envisioning your ideal pool deck.