Poolside Gardens

Surround your backyard pool with the beauty of a custom-designed poolside garden from Home Up and Pools. Tailored plant selections establish an oasis that complements the pool environment. A well-planned pool garden enhances aesthetics, provides privacy, attracts pollinators, and helps filter noise.

When designing poolside gardens, proper plant selection is critical. We choose plants adapted to the warm, moist, chlorinated pool microclimate. Varieties that tolerate saltwater pools are recommended where applicable.

Bright blooms and tropical foliage plants like hibiscus, bougainvillea, mandevilla, and elephant ears bring bold colors. Fine-textured grasses sway gracefully in the breeze. Shrubs, palms, and trees provide vertical interest, screening, and shade. Fragrant varieties like gardenia and jasmine sweetly scent the area.

Mindful design establishes “outdoor rooms” for distinct functions. Plantings define separate spaces for play areas, lounging nooks, dining zones, and secluded retreats. Lighting extends usage into the evening. Hardscapes, trellises, artwork, and water features add personality.

We position plants strategically to enhance privacy without completely blocking views and sunlight. Pool codes prohibit planting directly against the pool wall, so beds along the perimeter allow greenery while maintaining access.

To filter noise, we mass plantings with a mix of heights and densities. A poolside orchard or edible garden yields fruit, herbs and vegetables steps from your kitchen. Themed gardens create spaces bursting with color, texture and form.

Our horticulturists select plants suited for poolside conditions like moisture, humidity and exposure. We design beds, spacing, and layout tailored to ultimate sizes. Maintenance needs are minimized by choosing plants that thrive with minimal care in this environment.

How can we help you?

Bring your poolscape to life with a custom-designed planting plan from Home Up and Pools. Contact us at (832) 695-6373 to schedule a design consultation. Start envisioning your perfect poolside garden oasis!